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Main tips about festival outfit

Summer is coming, and it’s time to prepare for the season of festivals, all kinds of concerts and outdoor activities. There are a few simple tips to survive in the crowd, to get maximum pleasure and still demonstrate to everyone your wonderful sense of style.


1) Convenience is the basis of the outfit. It seems so simple, but this is the most important thing when you choose a set for summer events, because the heat or rain as well as a crowd of people in combination with injured legs or a prickly shirt can spoil all good impressions. We can not do anything with the first points, but we can choose comfortable clothes. There are four important things you should have: sunglasses, raincoat, hat and sunscreen cream. Do not forget these little things that make our life more pleasant and convenient. By the way, comfort also applies to bags: choose a postman model or bags on the belt as well as a backpack.

2) Choose simple things. Give preference to the basic things, but complete them with unusual and thematic accessories. So it will be easier for you to get your destination and not shock the society. For example, you go to Hawaiian party, but your way passes through the metro and a couple of nearby districts: put on your shorts and a t-shirt, add beads of flowers, but don’t repeat the full outfit of Haitians (it will cost both extra expenses and unnecessary attention especially in the dangerous parts of the city. Thus, absolutely basic outfit in the form of a skirt and crop top will be magically combined with bright makeup and statement jewellery on the fest like Coachella.

3) Invent your feature. A simple and practical set of clothes should be supplemented with something special. Let the accent be one, but it should create a special atmosphere of your look. A kerchief or talking necklace on can become a colorful detail.

4) Standard dress code. Some festivals have standard clothing style worn by their visitors. If you are going to an event for the first time, look at the location or hashtag in Instagram to see the outfits of the visitors of past years. For example, many American festivals have the atmosphere of hippies and boho, so jeans, patterns, floral prints, fringes and headbands rule here. Raves and techno parties have acid colors, sportswear and an abundance of metallic shades. Wear t-shirts with logos, leather vests and shorts with sneakers at a rock concert.


Shorts: Monki

Bag: Kacaus

Straw hat: Women’s Secret

Shoes: Gaimo

Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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