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KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA: a new face of outerwear

KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA is a design duo from Novosibirsk, who works in fashion industry more than 7 years. The winners of national and international design competitions are the best young designers of Russia according to National Fashion Industry Academy, they are the winners of the national award «Golden spindle 2014». The new collection of KOVALEVAMOLOCHAEVA ‘Varya’is a modern silhouette, high-quality materials and bright prints. I talked to the designers about the collection and other important details.

What inspired you to create this collection? Why is it called like that?
The feature of the collection is a combination of the outerwear (jackets, down jackets and coats) with evening dresses. The basis of the collection was taken from three different sources: «The Museum of the rainbow» in Madrid created by Korean artist Kimsooja, the masterpieces of the photographer Tim Walker and his work «Beyond the Earth» (his images of the mermaids create the feelings of the melancholy and mystery) and the theme of the white ‘pearl ‘shrimp, one of the representatives of the ‘glass fish ‘. All this is complemented by sporty style of the dresses. Such a mix of topics determines our character, the perfect girl of our time. The image in this collection is ethereal woman, who comes out of the depths of the sea to find the moonlight. The mystery is expressed in a veiled voluminous cuts. The Greek name «Varvara» and its Russian abbreviation «Varya» have known since the times of Rus. It came up perfectly in this sense.
How do you see your place in the world of fashion?
The duo KOVALEVA MOLOCHAEVA does not plan to become a cheap copy of famous brands, that is why we choose our own creative path. However, the modern designer as one of the participants of fashion communication works not only on the basis of his own fashion sense and style, but also in the framework of current fashion trends. Fashion trends often consist of various psychological, social factors and cyclical factors.
What is about the schedule? Do you work on order system?
Our goal is to develop capsule collections and holistic brand of the company. That is why we have to combine work in company, our creative projects and study at University. We often make clothes on the order remotely, getting measurements and photos from customers, thus we select materials, perfect style and color on the basis of appearance.
Where can we buy your clothes?
Part of the collection is represented in Moscow in «Tsvetnoy.» We also sell all our products and accessories through Instagram (@kovaleva_shop). Requests for customized products can be sent by e-mail (
Many girls, including budding bloggers, dream of becoming designer muse. What would you advise them?
We do not advocate any cliche and we belive that the best view, especially for bloggers is to deal with their personality, to develop their own style, manners and internal culture. That’s why our stuff is very varied and suitable for various shapes, mostly oversize.

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