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A La Russe: Journey to a dream

Would you like to travel through the ages, deserts and oceans, trying to find an impotrant information in ancient books and spending some hours at a railway station waiting for your very special train, and finally, would you like to see the garden of the last Russian Empress, her lilac boudoir in Alexander Palace, to feel the flush of a «chenille» odour and to hear the Emperor’s enamored voice, performing the Alexander Block’s «Lilac» romance? We invite you to follow the main character of Anastasia Romantsova collection and to become a traveler to find a dream, to find a lilac garden.

The designer used a format of trunk show, whuch is very rare in Russian fashion industry. Thus the guests of the show were involved into this action and looked for a mythical five-leaves lilacs. Stunning scenery and mysterious atmosphere complement restrained and aristocratic collection of A La Russe brand perfectly.
























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