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    A new look at the old Smart casual

    Smart casual is one of my favourite styles, perhaps, because it is great for the university environment (it is perfect for classes or conferences), in which I am constantly. Smart casual is a combination of classics in a democratic version, allowing a variety of fabrics, unbuttoned shirt, lack of a jacket (or jacket with jeans) and the availability of accessories. Thus, it is ideal for an office with a free dress code, various publishing houses and educational institutions. This style is also an excellent option for an evening cocktail after a working day or a business lunch/dinner. In my version, in these pictures it’s a more evening version with very liberal shoes.…

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    8 Reasons to Read Garance Dore ‘Love.Style.Life’

    Garance Dore is a famous French illustrator, journalist and photographer. This woman conquered the world of fashion, and now she is a role model for many girls and an endless source of inspiration for creative personalities. Not long ago, Garance published her book ‘Love.Style.Life’ which tells us not only about the wardrobe of the style icon and her relationships with the fashion and beauty industry, but also reveals the cultural characteristics of New Yorkers and Parisians. We collected several facts about the author and the book, which will not leave you indifferent, even if you are far from the world of fashion and not interested in people’s personal love dramas. 1)…

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    Top stylish music videos 2017

    Music videos are always a great source of inspiration and good mood charger, and if they are also stylish, it is double pleasure. We gathered for you the most vivid and fashionable clips of 2017, so you can enjoy not only a good music and vocal, but also get an aesthetic pleasure from the atmosphere and costumes of the heroes from the videos. Grimes and Janelle Monáe — Venus Fly Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne – No Frauds Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. Beyoncé – Sandcastles MANIZHA – Иногда Beyoncé – Love Drought ЛУНА – Пули Halsey – Now Or Never M.I.A. –…

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    How to wear tunic this summer: walkin’ Lisbon with Monki

    Lisbon is a magical city, which can be explored both on foot and tram routes. It is better to choose an easy and pleasant outfit that will provide comfort on a hot day for a long walk, for example, oversized flying tunic and shorts. Combine it with bright colourful bag and beautiful shoes (heels for romantic evening and flat for morning promenade). Tunic dress & shorts: Monki Bra: Women`s secret Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Oh My Bag Sunglasses: No Name Photo: Natalia Kuryaeva

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    What to buy in T-Skirt

    I was prepared to one of the days of MBFW Russia by Russian store T-Skirt. I chose a blue and grey outfit, because of the weather in Moscow my option was a warm grey sweater and light blue coat with a nice pink pin. Very pretty and comfortable suede skirt was very soft and successful to combine it both with the heels and flat shoes. My experience with the store was pretty good, so I would like to go more in-depth and tell you, what you could buy in this shop. Skirts. This store was started from fairy tutu tulle skirts and and mini skirts with feathers. Now you can find many variants of skirts for…

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    Toledo’s wives

    Spain is always inspirational. My every visit in this country means a new shooting influenced by a local traditional clothing and style. The last one in Toledo was encouraged by spanish ruffles, which a necessary element of the traditional dress. Not to be ordinary we can put this style into our daily outfit in another way as a decor of the skirt or blouse. It could be your office dress code or a part of your study and work outfit as long as it is a very romantic and night-out option (in case you’ll add unusual clutch or specific bag). Dress: A La Russe Top&Hair accessory: Monki Shoes: New Look Bag: Asos…

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    Main tips about festival outfit

    Summer is coming, and it’s time to prepare for the season of festivals, all kinds of concerts and outdoor activities. There are a few simple tips to survive in the crowd, to get maximum pleasure and still demonstrate to everyone your wonderful sense of style. 1) Convenience is the basis of the outfit. It seems so simple, but this is the most important thing when you choose a set for summer events, because the heat or rain as well as a crowd of people in combination with injured legs or a prickly shirt can spoil all good impressions. We can not do anything with the first points, but we can choose comfortable clothes. There are four…

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    Big Grunge Experiment: What you need to know about this style

    Once upon a time one girl named Daria decided to make an experiment with her style. The choice was simple, it was a grunge. This style was born in twentieth-century music (provided by such a groups and musicians as Nirvana, The Melvins, Green River, etc.) and fashion. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s leader, was the reluctant voice of the generation and his style influenced a lot. The grunge means ‘tired of fashion’ and can be interpreted as a ‘nonfashion’ movement. The essential parts of the style are: uncoordinated look, ripped and faded jeans, flannel shirts, layers and oversized clothes. Faux leather jacket: Zara Jeans: H&M Boots: Asos Top: Dresslink Shirt: Monki Sunglasses: Gentle Monster Choker: Ali Express Gradient…

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    Russian Red: How to wear red and blue

    Blue and red colors is a classic combination. The only problem is to choose the colors based on your color type. The easiest way to combine these colors is to apply the universal principle: one of the two colors should dominate (for example, blue should be complemented by red accessories or vice versa). The shade of the red color should be a classic scarlet like the first choice of your red lipstick (it should not make your teeth yellow and should make the lips smoother and more beautiful like M.A.C. in shade Russian Red). Correct red will not highlight your shortcomings. The deep blue color is a perfect solution for such a combination, to work with light…

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    Why do you need Wide Leg Trousers

    Wide trousers is not only a cult thing, but something that can transform the shape of your figure completely. This style had been living in the East from the most ancient times because of the convenience. Famous personalities of the 80s often chose this option for everyday life and nighttime adventures. Probably you often hear and see how stylists and fashionistas recommend wide trousers in various programs on TV. How and why do we need this? Let’s deal with it! Firstly, wide pants help to hide extra kilos. In particular this style will suit girls with wide hips and feet. A variant with a high waist such as palazzo pants (skirt -trousers) visually stretches the…