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    SAJA by Samir Jamai

    On November 26 a space of The Dome in Moscow hosted a private fashion show of the Moroccan brand SAJA by Samir Jamai. The designer presented his collection of haute couture caftans to the audience of the capital and personally talked to the guests before and after the show. The organizers created a magical atmosphere of the oriental fairytale with a help of Moroccan music during the show and the sound of the sea, which was accompanied by a tea party and sweet snacks. Samir Jamai, designer and founder of the brand Saja, is also a consultant of the World Moroccan Association. As a member of The East County Art Association, the designer is not…

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    Blue Eden

      Majorelle Garden is a popular place in Marrakech, attracting a large number of tourists, who want to feel the atmosphere of luxurious garden around the studio of the painter Jacque Majorelle. This place is also known by the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, who was in love with the stunning blue color and flowering green gardens. Therefore, I suggest you to discover the inner world of our favorite designer.   Fallen in love with Morocco, in 1923, the French painter Jacque Majorelle built an amazing Moorish villa in Marrakech, which he called ‘Boo Safsaf’. He painted the front door, came up with designs for the tiles, created an unusual interior, using…

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    Moroccan Adventures

      All Moroccan provinces are very different from each other by the landscape, relief, residents and other features. I want to start the story with the most colorful part. Morocco produces very small amount of oil and natural gas from the pool of Essaouira and a small amount of natural gas from the Gharb pool. Essaouira is my favorite city of Morocco, a city of poets and artists.   Essaouira (Mogador in the past) is a real Moroccan town, situated on a strip of the Atlantic coast, where winds blow throughout the year, but the city is known for its mild climate. There is a broad band of the public beach…

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    Orange Paradise (Bazaar edition)

      When you would like a real Eastern exoticism, just come to Morocco. Persian Gulf countries have been stepped forward long time ago, the remains of their national identity huddle on small islands among skyscrapers. But in Morocco as well as in other countries of the Maghreb, everything looks very natural: landscapes, cities, people. Yes, buildings are dilapidated, the country is very poor, but its spirit is amazing.   Morocco is an agricultural country. Many people grow vegetables and fruit, but the others have a huge problem with the work. But the work of farmers is visible. Oh, these fabulous oranges! Farmers cover them with a resin of orange tree for the export to Europe,…

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    Morrocan garden

    Hi, everyone! I just came back from Morocco, so my article will be here as soon as possible. Meanwhile I invite you to view my looks from the Moroccan photo session. In previous posts I have already wrote about fashion accessories of this summer, here is the one example of how you can wear a veil in daily life.   Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bag: UNIF Coat: Seppälä Hair accessory: ASOS