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    LAROOM SS’2017

    Brand LAROOM presented its new collection within the 33rd season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Delicate and light collection was inspired by the theme of the sea depths. The dresses with many layers combined all sea shades from calm and serene colors of paradises and lagoons to the storming blue iridescence as if it was created from the sea foam and waves. Weightless and flying fabric reminding sea creatures were perfectly complemented with trendy accessories and elements of hippie style. Typical for the brand sophistication and romance were diluted with an excellent selection of strict but elegant suits. Photo: Daria Ratushina

  • MBFW Russia


    We continue to share with you pictures of our local fashionistas from the last season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Our photographer, Daria Ratushina, found the most interesting outfits for you. There was a lot of bright colors, Russian designer’s clothes and normcore style, of course. So, enjoy and comment! Photo: Daria Ratushina

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    SORRY I’M NOT SS`2017

    A new season Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia came to the end, and a show of Russian brand SORRY I`M NOT was one of the most a long-awaited event for all the fashionistas of the capital. A collection called ‘Burn the Witch’ attracted a full hall of people, who were not afraid to storm the Fashion Week, even without an invitation, the same thing was about all the close and distant relatives of employees of “Artifact” (organizer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia – ed.), who dared to threaten the security for the sake of the show. The mystical collection, presented with an enigmatic music (yes, here is nothing to hide, we are all fans of playlists of the brand and its founder), conquered…

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    VIVA VOX SS’ 2017

    The new spring-summer collection of the brand Viva Vox gathered two magic elements: an elegant classics and a small hooliganism in the form of prints with Mickey Mouse. Oleg Ovsiyov (creative director of the brand – ed.) played on the contrast and not made a mistake by creating a bold combination of wide brim hats, shiny dresses and skirts with a completely “grown-up” print. Despite the main theme, the collection came out very strong, but airy. Sports items are intertwined with the elements of westerns and even with futuristic fabrics and shapes laconically. Shoes also deserve a special attention: both the male and the female shoes has a heel and a platform; unusual combination of studs, sabo and…

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    Igor Gulyaev fw’ 2016-2017

    The last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia met guests to enjoy the show of Igor Gulyaev. The podium was filled with evening dresses and coats with active appliques. A fur ceased to play a major role and became only the brightest addition to the elegant outfits. The new collection of Igor Gulyaev consists of female, men and children looks.  Photo: Daria Ratushina

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    Vika Smolyanitskaya FW’ 2016-2017

    Vika Smolyanitskaya is a young Russian brand that gets a lot of attention from the local fashionistas. Under the leadership of the creative director, designer Victoria Smolyanitskaya, the brand has already exhibited in the showroom space of our fashion week, and then it turned on the podium of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia quickly. The brand carries itself to the fast fashion category as it tries to respond rapidly to the demand of the consumer market. The second Victoria’s collection shown within MBFW Russia was the same provocative as the first. The clothing created on the verge of a “motley bad taste” and “genius design” amazes by deep colors and bright prints in pop art style. Photo: Daria…

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    Shopaholic 2.0: how to recognize and treat the disease

    We live in a world where each sound of the TV, computer and phone is a call to buy something. Advertising on the streets imposes another unnecessary dress and bloggers assert that there is no life without miraculous face cream with unknown composition and new shoes of the coming season. But how had we lived before? Where is the end of the healthy consumption and a start of the shopaholism? Shopaholism or oniomania is an uncontrollable desire to buy something, regardless of the circumstances and consequences. As well as any disease, shopaholism has symptoms and effects. There are the reasons that gradually form a standard scenario. What are the reasons and how to help a shopaholic with…

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    Russian Red: How to wear red and blue

    Blue and red colors is a classic combination. The only problem is to choose the colors based on your color type. The easiest way to combine these colors is to apply the universal principle: one of the two colors should dominate (for example, blue should be complemented by red accessories or vice versa). The shade of the red color should be a classic scarlet like the first choice of your red lipstick (it should not make your teeth yellow and should make the lips smoother and more beautiful like M.A.C. in shade Russian Red). Correct red will not highlight your shortcomings. The deep blue color is a perfect solution for such a combination, to work with light…

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    Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Welcome to a magic forest, home of fairies and elves. This world is full of lightness and miracles like trends of this summer. Off shoulder dresses and tops, weightless and airy skirts are here. These clothes are nice to enjoy the moonlight, inhale the aromas of night flowers and dive into summer dreams. Anna wears: dress Molly Bracken, stylist’s jewellery  Anna wears: top H&M, skirt Motel Rocks, stylist’s jewellery Anna wears: top IDOL Fashion, model’s skirt and collar, hair accessory Nikoleflowers Anna wears: top Dresslink, skirt Sultanna Frantsuzova, hair accessory Nasty Gal Photo: Daria Ratushina MUA&Hair: Olga Panasenkova Style: Daria Evtyanova Model: Anna Golotova

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    From Paris to Tokyo: 3 ways to style your sweatshirt

    Well, it is a good time to talk about a beautiful wardrobe item with a hybrid name ‘sweatshirt’. The word is terrible, but short sweater is too long, and our society has reconciled with the strange word to appeal to the jerseys. It seems that  sweatshirt lives in our wardrobes for a thousand years, because it’s very comfortable and stylish thing that comes with a warm lining or without. We decided what the jeans is a very standard combination, so we come up with the most daring options, proving that, for example, the bright sweatshirt by Kenzo is a good and beneficial supplement for a classic pants with heels or skirt. Sweatshirt Kenzo, skirt Forever 21, boots Zara, sunglasses Nasty Gal, rings H&M, bag Louis Vuitton Sweatshirt Kenzo,pants & boots Zara,…