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Blue Eden

  Majorelle Garden is a popular place in Marrakech, attracting a large number of tourists, who want to feel the atmosphere of luxurious garden around the studio of the painter Jacque Majorelle. This place is also known by the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, who was in love with the stunning blue color and flowering green gardens. Therefore, I suggest you to discover the inner world of our favorite designer.

  Fallen in love with Morocco, in 1923, the French painter Jacque Majorelle built an amazing Moorish villa in Marrakech, which he called ‘Boo Safsaf’. He painted the front door, came up with designs for the tiles, created an unusual interior, using blue, green and dark red colors. Majorelle planted a large garden around the house. In 1931, architect Sinuar built a studio in the Art Deco style with pergolas and bright blue walls for Majorelle. Jacque’s idea was to use a bright blue color, which would be in stark contrast to the lush garden. Subsequently, this color was called ‘Blue Majorelle’. 
  Later, famous fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge bought the house. Reconstituted garden consists of four walkways. The range of herbs in garden is impressive: forest of bamboo, bougainvillea, yucca, laurel, geraniums, hibiscus, cypresses, 400 species and subspecies of trees, 1,800 types of cacti. Water lilies are blooming in a small pond, which is overgrown with papyrus, frogs and fish still live there, charming fountain operates. 
  In the former studio is now a small museum with a collection of items of Moroccan craftsmen: antique carpets, ceramics from Fez, Berber door. Is also on sale gorgeous costumes, tunics, caftans and Moroccan-style Haute Couture.
  People come to the Majorelle Garden just sit and read a book in the shade or to listen to the singing of birds. The garden has a coolness even in the heat. This is a true oasis, an island of tranquility in the heart of Marrakech’s noise and dust.
  The garden is quite small, but it is not surprising that Yves Saint Laurent was in love with it. The atmosphere is inspiring and energizing.
  Memorial Yves Saint Laurent is also in the garden. Yves Saint Laurent would say he was able to find an unlimited source of inspiration in the Jardin Majorelle, and that he dreamt many times about its unique colours. Great designer died in 2008 in Paris, and then his ashes were scattered over this garden. Residents of the city honored the memory of designer, calling the street with his name.
By the way, you can find bright blue shade #18 ‘Bleu Majorelle’ in YSL nail polish collection.

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