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Backstage SORRY I’M NOT from MFW

Probably, you guess that we have not only MBFW Russia, but we also have a local fashion weeks such as Moscow Fashion Week. The last one wasn’t interesting, but our photographer Daria Ratushina had a close look on the backstage and found something incredible. It was a very provocative and bright show of the local brand SORRY I’M NOT, which claims ‘Sorry, not a fashion house’. Perhaps, these guys are not right, because their show and clothes was more fashionable than a whole motherland.

The show started from the key phrase of Sailor Moon: ‘Moon Prism Power, make up’. And it made. So, the DJ blew up the dance floor. There were a voguing and more other interesting elements of the show. The apparel was ironic, sarcastic and most importantly relevant. We loved the unusual makeup of girls and guys.



By the way, it was an incredible experience to see the show behind the curtains. Such a big work was made there. It is a great work, which we can not even imagine, watching the show. Just imagine how fast the model should change clothes. Makeup artists correct everything on the move that the audience see only beauty. The organizers do a very difficult job controlling the sequence of models and looks.




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