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Backstage Roma Uvarov Design

The new collection of the Russian brand Roma Uvarov Design was shown in Moscow. A collection was inspired by Emir Kusturica and called «Time of the Gypsies», this show can be called the most interesting event of the past fashion week.

There were many things that can be organically integrated into the shooting. I advise stylists to look at skirts and cardigans with flowers. It is a good choice for the ordinary buyers too: explore the suits, embroidered blouses and dresses with floral prints. You can note that the background color of the printed fabric is red, so it will be easier to style the clothing (you can take black, white, red, beige, brown etc.) and are less likely to get into the risk zone.

You can also find the shirts with embroidery, this fact especially warms my soul, because ethnic and craft things went by the wayside, and here we can watch them resurrected. This top is easy to combine with ordinary blue jeans, and it will not look like a relic of the past. It is also will be relevant with a midi skirt.

It is easy to find great flying dresses and slips from the different pieces of fabric at Roma Uvarov Design. Such a dress can be worn with the bare shoulders, and you can successfully style with a turtleneck and rude boots.

Watch the video to see the entire collection:

Photo: Sasha Lazareva

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