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A La Russe FW’ 16-17

A fashion show of the brand A La Russe designed by Anastasia Romantsova was held on March 30 at the Historical Museum on Red Square, Moscow. The event took place with the support of Samsung and their new smartphone Galaxy S7 edge|S7. Star guests had the opportunity to try it immediately, making photo and video of the favourite outfits. Such a unique place was filled with no less unique clothing and accessories. The heroine of the new collection by Anastasia Romantsova goes on a journey to her roots, remembering the old times, elegant clothes of noblemen, colorful decoration of palaces and treasures of kings.


The main highlight of the show was a combination of massive tissue and weightless textures. Long rough coats and capes, decorated with hand-embroidered emblems of a lion and a unicorn and gold fittings, concealed soft and weightless lace. Voluminous sleeves emphasized the beauty and fragility of women’s hands and long and midi skirts gave the images of elegance and aristocracy. One can see ruff collar and its more modern adaptation as the main emphasis of the collection, and it’s right that they perfectly convey the atmosphere of the event, the historical heritage, and above all, a royal images. Of course, the luxurious feathers and velvet, which sank deep into the soul of all the guests, can not be left unnoticed.

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Photo: Daria Ratushina

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