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8 Reasons to Read Garance Dore ‘Love.Style.Life’

Garance Dore is a famous French illustrator, journalist and photographer. This woman conquered the world of fashion, and now she is a role model for many girls and an endless source of inspiration for creative personalities. Not long ago, Garance published her book ‘Love.Style.Life’ which tells us not only about the wardrobe of the style icon and her relationships with the fashion and beauty industry, but also reveals the cultural characteristics of New Yorkers and Parisians. We collected several facts about the author and the book, which will not leave you indifferent, even if you are far from the world of fashion and not interested in people’s personal love dramas.

1) Garance was one of the blog pioneers in the fashion industry. In the 2000s she began to upload her illustrations as a portfolio to the website, and then she fell in love with street photography. Catching stylishly dressed people, Garance has become a successful streetstyle photographer, and due to the notes about their style she also become a popular bloger. Now her blog is one of the most respected and popular. Glossy magazines regularly call Garance one of the most stylish women in the fashion world.

2) Culture of the two peoples. Garance is from France, but now she lives in the United States. As a true Frenchwoman, she knows everything about a style of the local residents, the move to New York forced her to face many things that are contrary to her views. If you want to survive, you need to adapt it, so Garance did. She compares the mentality of New Yorkers and Parisians, their attitude to their life as well as business etiquette of two cultures. You want to look like a Parisian? Or maybe you are close to the image of a strong heroine of the tv-show ‘Sex and the City’? Read it in the book. By the way, Garace pays a lot of attention to the views of Parisians and New Yorkers on romantic relationships, and if you are looking for love in these cities, this book is your must-have.

3) The whole truth about the world of fashion. Everything you wanted to know about fashion is here, who goes to the fashion shows and why, how bloggers earn, how communication is organised in this industry, what are the pitfalls. It is necessary to be read by all the fashionistas and new bloggers. It their turn people from the fashion world can find themselves in these lines, think about their situation, and, perhaps, laugh at how it looks from the outside.

4) Illustrations and photos made by Garance. The style of the book, its design is as attractive as its content. It is very nice to hold in hands  and leaf through, accompanied by a mug of tea. This book can be a great gift definitely.

5) Experience. This book is very useful for young girls who do not have their own experience. The author writes about the romantic relationship as well as relationship with yourself and the world around us very easy and accessible. There is a full story about what led Garance to who she is, about her thoughts and changing of her mind, about how is important to adapt and not give up. The career experience, which Garance shared with us is valuable also, this information can be useful to many people.

6) The book is saturated with love and inspiration. Each line and every word clearly shows the love and affection of Garance to her business and to the whole fashion industry.

7) Sparkling humor. This book lies between a personal diary, serious autobiography and journalistic investigation, but even secrets of the fashion world was opened by Garance with inimitable, witty and funny remarks. Easily author’s attitude to everything softens the severity of the situation, her sense of humor is in the book.

8) Motivation. Garance Dore talks about the difficulties she faced, but she did not give up, and the circumstances formed properly. ‘Love. Style. Life’ is charged with the author’s motivation, which is immediately transmitted to the reader. And if you need a kick to start doing something, this is it in a paper format. Do not look for a deep meaning or philosophical ideas in the book. It is unlikely that this book will turn your world over, but it will definitely give you a pleasant evening, a charge of a good mood and inspiration.

Text&photo: Daria Evtyanova

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