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1001 successful bids in the UAE

If Paris is the capital of fashion, Dubai is the capital of shopping. There is a large number of goods which are circulate here. Every person consume as much as whole peoples in less-developed countries. If you found an amazing Dolce&Gabbana shoes on sale and didn’t buy them, forget it, you’ll never see them again. Arabic women shop a lot, they like fashion and can’t stop sometimes. Returning from the Emirates (6 times already), I want to tell you where and how to spend the money right.

The shopping festival was organized for the 1st time by the government in 1996. This world famous festival, and authorities of Dubai invite many celebrities all over the world. Feature of this festival is a special holiday atmosphere: circus in shopping malls, exciting shows and night fireworks. Film festivals, international fashion shows, special events for youngsters, impressive street art, and many others are some of the obligatory for all who visit Dubai these days. Entertainment programs that are organized for visitors shows how much the culture of this country has changed. Emirates absorbed all the most enchanting from around the world: New York skyscrapers, the cheapness of Chinese, auto industry of Japan and Brazilian joy. This year the festival kicked off January 2 and ended on February 2. There were a lot of runway shows from famous fashion houses, exhibitions and fairs by young designers.

Surrounded by modern beauty in a comfortable distance of the new city the most famous market sprawls. It is divided into several sectors. Perhaps the largest and most vibrant sector — the Gold Souk.
If you are looking for cheap and quality gold — you here. Just want to warn you: there is no platinum. Market astonishes by its size and diversity. However, there are often deceived. Nobody really would rob and steal, they do not need it, mostly cheat with quality. Therefore always check the stamp and carats.
The market is teeming with tourists who take pictures of everything in their path (like me). In same time there are a lot of people are buying gold. Haggle can and should be — it’s a sign of respect for the seller. Do not be afraid to offer a price less than 50% of the original — you can get it. But do not haggle if you will not buy — it will offend the seller.
Venturing into other parts of the market, pay attention to the choice of fabrics I really liked the chiffon with different embroidery and decorations, Indian cashmere and organza. You can find the fabric is not worse than Elie Saab collections. 
Perfume — is an integral part of the Arab culture. We used to think that it is always heavy stringy odor, but it’s not true. Of course, among the Arab perfumes you will not find one from which would not remain the plume, but it is only a plus. New flavors that perfume market churns out are becoming more romantic and light. If they had been in vials with a stick, now they made in a bottle with a spray. Prices for perfume are very different from $ 10 to infinity. If you want to buy an exclusive, which is cannot be found in major international malls, I advise you to visit the city center near the metro Union. There’s a large selection of perfumes and fabrics on the second floor.
Another fetish for tourists — carpets and spices. In occasion of carpets, if you found a cheap beautiful rectangular shaped carpet — this carpet is used by Muslims for prayer. No need to buy this for walls and floors, it is disrespectful. Good carpet is worth more $ 100, if you want embroidered with stones, be prepared to pay more than $ 400. It is possible to everything. Buy carpets on the market, but not in stores: the same companies, but not overpay.
Even the characters ‘Sex and the City’ could not leave the Emirates without spices. The main must-have is saffron. These flowers are rare and bloom only in several places They assembled manually so it is very expensive About $ 6 per gram.
It makes sense to buy Iranian and Moroccan tea. There are also tea with saffron, it is not cheap, and not particularly stands out with something. Separately, you can find shops with hookahs They are very cheap, for $ 12 you can buy a large hookah. Sellers will bring you a whole set with a spare tube and mouthpiece. Tobaccos are very diverse: from standard melon- grape flavors to gum and Long Island cocktails flavored.
If you do not like huge crowds and screaming kids, but you want to go shopping, welcome to the Dubai Marina. It is Little Venice of Persian Gulf. This area is still under construction, it almost does not inhabited, there are always a few people. However it’s very beautiful and picturesque place. Huge skyscrapers grow directly out of the water, and numerous channels filled with snowy boats and yachts. All buildings and ships shine with colored lights like a christmas trees at night.
Luxury Goods and an endless stream of entertainment — it is Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall brings together about every major fashion brand in the world, it’s the largest collection of fashion brands under the one roof. The aim of Dubai is to become the next fashion capital of the world. There are a lot of entertainments and stores for the entire family on the 440,000 square feet. 
Every year morals of women in the UAE are becoming more liberated. Yes, they are still in the black, but only a few beauties completely cover the face. I admire these women, their beauty and tidiness. Indigenous inhabitants are very rich and can afford any branded item. Naturally, the level of fashion under hijabs reads off scale.

Shopping at Victoria’s Secret, I talked with a consultant in the dressing room. So, 24 exclusive bra (only 34 size, but different cups) comes with each designer collection in stores in Dubai. 12 pieces are sent to the Dubai Mall, and the same number to the Mall of the Emirates. The price starts from $300 per one item. How the girl said to me, it can be bought only only by princess or local billionaires.
Citizens of the Emirates like exclusive things. In shopping centers you can often see a respectable man in white clothes, in which pocket modestly sticks out the diamond brooch or pen. He will be surrounded by numerous figures in black with bags Louis Vuitton and Hermes. Nothing special, a man brought along his wife, mother and sisters to go shopping. Do not think that they are polygamists. One wife — it’s devastation, but two — the complete bankruptcy. 
You can skate at the indoor Dubai Ice Rink, have fun in Dubai Aquarium or visit the Underwater Zoo. Of course you can climb the famous tower Burj Khalifa (I advise you to book in advance via the internet, which is cheaper and there is always a place). To go around the Dubai Mall at once is impossible, but it is easy to get lost in spite of the information stands.
In general, the Dubai Mall is kilometers of marble and various surpluses. If you go down to the underground floor, you can go to the Burj Park. This is a very beautiful place. Singing fountains start to work at 6:00 pm.  It is very difficult to accommodate Burj Khalifa tower in the frame of picture, because its height is 828m. 
2 emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are very similar to the city from the movie ‘The Fifth Element’. Modern and contradictory, their abundance of skyscrapers presses on personality, and the cities are crowded by emigrants.
If you need a cheap technique, come on Nasser Square (metro Baniyas Square). In many shops you can haggle, the seller always answer honestly is it the original iPhone or Chinese fake. The only things you’ll really tired — it’s barkers on the streets. They will call you in the  fur,watches and handbags shops. If it is clear with fur coats, because they are high quality (by the way, take off up to 60% discount),  the watches and bags are another matter. It all looks very badly, the creeping line «Falsification» is not enough.
The most convenient way to see Dubai — is the subway and taxi. Taxi is not expensive, you do not pay more than $15 within the city. Metro, of course, is even cheaper — $ 5 two ways. If you are staying in the hotel by the sea, you will be picked up by the bus to the shops, if in the city — to the sea. One way or another, you can get anywhere. On the streets you will not find Arabs, they move only in cars, only poor immigrants go on foot and by subway.
Huge city appeared among the desert from nowhere. All things are man-made or imported from other countries. Each skyscraper brings gigantic money at the end of each turn. Enormous capital, free economic zones and the endless investment. This country simply personifies development and prosperity. Despite everything, the Emirates have a special charm. Each emirate special and interesting.  I wish you a pleasant journey and shopping! 

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